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Roof Condition Surveys & Budget Analysis

Good Information Allows for Good


Roof inspections can be the most effective method of increasing roof system life and reducing premature capital expenditures. CMC's detailed inspection reports contain valuable information regarding the existing roof system and components:

  • Square Footage of Roof System

  • Roof System CAD Drawings With Dimensions

  • Amount and Type of Roof Penetrations

  • Skylights (frames, flashings, lenses)

  • Parapet Walls and Coping Systems

  • Drains and Drainage Areas

  • Base Flashing Type and Condition

  • Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

  • Mansards

  • Overall Roof Asset Value

Data compiled from the CMC roof inspection is presented in an easy to read roof analysis report​ containing the estimated age, anticipated remaining service life and long-term budget analysis to assist with your future financial planning. Each report is accompanied with digital photo documentation of existing conditions and a detailed CAD drawing of the roof displaying the location of problematic areas.

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