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Roof Renovation

A Value Added Alternative To Roof Replacement

Renovation can offer opportunities for dramatically increasing the life-cycle of your existing roofing assets. Many roof systems can be restored for 25-40% of the replacement cost. Through cost avoidance, a greater return on initial investment is realized allowing for budget flexibility and the allocation of funds to other priority projects. The renovation process can be performed on many different roof systems including Built-up, Modified Bitumen, Metal and Single Ply.

The Advantages Of The Restoration Process Include:

  • Reduced cost vs. replacement

  • Reduce interruptions to building occupants and operations

  • Extended service life of existing roofing asset

  • Extending the life of the existing roof saves tear-off and disposal costs

  • Cold-process renovation reduces fumes and building occupants' health concerns

  • Provides greater flexibility for decision-making and budget allocation process

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