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Roof Replacement

Quality Roofing Starts With Selecting The Right Roof System For The Application

Long lasting roofing assets are constructed based upon facility specific conditions, sound design decisions, superior workmanship and quality products. Important issues to consider when selecting a roof system include:

  • Code Compliance

  • Amount of roof top foot traffic

  • Insulation and R-Value requirements

  • Interior use and leak sensitivity

  • Initial cost vs. life-cycle costing

  • Drainage

  • Manufacturer's performance history

  • Wind uplift and insurance requirements

  • Load constraints

At Colorado Moisture Control, Inc., we have chosen to align ourselves with only the top tier of established roof system manufacturers. These manufacturers have proven their commitment by providing the highest quality roof systems and share in our policy of delivering long term satisfaction to the building owners who invest in their products. An owner of Colorado Moisture Control can assist you with selecting the best replacement roofing system for your building environment.

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